• 20082008

    In late 2008 DAC Trading was started as ( DC Pro ) just as a side business to make some extra money while the founding member was studying and working part-time. Not making much off the Business, both members went their own way, and only one standing in the construction and engineering side
  • 20102010

    DAC Trading ( DC Pro ) Had a few small jobs but nothing to call home about and jobs were only done on the side. Shaun joined us basically from day one but only at the end of 2010 he had fully joined the team.

  • 20122012

    Dac Trading ( DC Pro ) Had a large break with doing the new office for Wilmar continent oil mills as a subcontractor for another company. This included a parking area and offices. Dac Trading ( DC Pro ) was also involved in building the new Krugersdorp Ford building as a subcontract. Just to mention some of the work that it has done.
  • 20132013

  • 20142014

    Dac Trading (DC Pro ) Had collected and started taking on bigger contracts, Petrol tanks were one of the big ones, and Plascon. We had completed and a few homes by now but no large-scale projects like warehouses.  We were awarded RDP houses and that is when the trajectory of the company started being perfect.
  • 20152015

    In 2015 DC Pro was closed down, we merged FFC Developments and DC Pro resulting in Dac Group being formed. With a new partner being involved and more hands on deck, Dac had the capacity to do more jobs all over and so we did. From new Homes in the Eye of Africa to Waterfall Estate and many more. From office blocks to industrial buildings, we have grown into a powerhouse construction and engineering company.
  • 20162016

    In 2016 Dac Group had a good year as we did work for SAB Brewery and Plascon once again. We also did work for more private clients then ever before , Small mini factorys and jobs in Cape Town & Durban . Even a few steel structures shipped to Zambia was designed and built by the Dac Team. Basel joined Dac as he had already work on various projects with Dac Trading.
  • 20172017

    Dac at this stage had moved into the bigger leagues by doing large developments over 128 units a few 5 story buildings. We as a compnay had made our mark . Unfortuantly  one-off Dac Founders had to resign due to health problems.
  • 20182018

    Dac steped up its game once again started with more developments and a few new housing projects in the south of Jhb. Dac also started sponsoring the Lions and had marketing and advertisments done at Elisapark . We as a compnsy saw this as a measure of success and a step in the right direction. In 2018 Dac Group changed it name to Dac Trading and merge all the smaller sectors into one big Construction company. Lara also joined Dac as a health and safty consultant and Mike later in the year as procurement.
  • 20192019

    Dac completed 7 large projects. We where on the brink off starting various large devlopements going into 2020 but with the scare of covid in Dec 2019 hit Dac Trading this was not a good end to a year . Bandile joined us as a Sales Rep at this stage and Paul as the Project Manger
  • 20202020

    Lockdown started for almost everyone, in this year the industry was hit hard and was  on it knees and struggling. But Dac Trading prevailed with DAC Trading still getting work in only a few small projects which we were able to complete and keep our heads above water. It was also in this time that Tyron joined us later in the year as a Consultant, Elize also joined Dac Trading and made sure moving forwared under the new banner ensured we would be in good hands.
  • 20212021

    In 2021 Dac once again started with a few small projects but at the end of the year we where fully packed and could not think off adding more jobs to our tight schedule of projects to be completed by Dec .. Deadlines. We were able to complete all off our projects that year in budget along with some covid restrictions still in place .
  • 20222022

    So far 2022 Has been a good year as we have kicked off the year with a boom and with more projects on the horison and a larger team. We have just been thankful for all the work we have been receving.  Mario and Charlet join us in the first half of the year as new Sales Reps along with Elias and Buhle who have also joined the dac family in 2022 to help manage the work load we have aquired in the year so far.
    Watch this space Dac Trading is not yet done for 2022……………..

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