Where we Started

Dac Trading started in 2008, when we realised that the industry needed a young and fresh look and perspective into the construction and engineering industry.


In 2013 Dac Trading started working with some of the large manufacturing companies in South Africa: Plascon Paints, Continental, Cobra, Petro Tanks, SAB and much more. Building and doing the engineering for their new factories adding on to their offices and upgrading their existing buildings.


From 2013 to 2015 Dac Trading got involved with local government in doing low-cost housing for the Gauteng province and we had a great idea. We strived to get as much done as we could and out of that we started seeing a big gap in the market for housing and companies that offer a faster and better way of thinking in doing new homes at a better cost or in the client’s budget.


In 2015 Dac Trading started doing work in Waterfall Country Estate, Monaghan Farm and Eye of Africa. We entered the housing market with a different outlook and a faster way of getting our clients into their new homes. This workflow, planning and budget layout work excellent for the housing market and the construction cost, well let’s just say “the clients did not pay an arm and a leg for their dream home.”


In 2017 Dac Trading started to work on a large commercial building in Pretoria and Johannesburg, this was some of the most exiting projects we have taken on so far.


In 2018 Dac Trading started doing more development work and by 2020 just before Covid hit us by surprise, we have built more than 380 unites in different development areas for different investors.


In 2021 Dac Trading will be working on some exciting new projects.

New Homes

Commercial Construction

Industrial Construction



What sets us appart from the rest.

As Dac Trading has its own In-House Engineering division, this speeds up the construction process. As we do not need to wait for an engineer to inspect or sign-off as we do it our self.

  • Dac Trading has its own construction BOQ program specifically designed for our use so no more QS and bills are needed as Dac Trading can do the costing in their own program and within 2 days the client will have their costing.
  • We do the costing within 2 days as the program we use has been set up and integrated with all our suppliers costing which will get updated every 6 months. That speeds up the process of construction and our cost is 100% correct when it comes to the material and labour.
  • With a new project you need some onsite background in construction and that is what we offer. As the industry changes, we are changing with it with new technologies. We as a company can see how far your project is going every few hours and with a great project management team and onsite foremen, we speed up the construction even more.
  • At Dac Trading we do our own site surveys and setting out. We use the latest equipment to survey and set out the client’s building or home.
  • As a leading construction and engineering company in South Africa, we use timeline and project sheets for every project. This speeds up the ordering and the onsite control and construction. We at DAC Trading do our best to get the project done faster and to get the client moved in asap.