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Where we Started

December 2008 Dac Tradings History
Dac Trading opens its door for the first time .

We started out as a projects management company as a side business in 2008 just after school . And from there we started seeing a gap in the market for young and innovative thinker that have a different way off looking at Construction & Engineering.

And boom DC Pro was born ( Now called Dac Trading )

Jan 2010 Dac Trading History
The renovation and alteration stage

We could not keep up with all the small projects we had coming in at one stage . And we had to upscale once again . We add a Division to our company just for renovation and alteration . The teams where working all over South Africa and thing was about to get even busser for us as a company 

Jan 2013 Dac Trading History
There was a big boom for us in the housing market

As the increase in housing changed and we need to a dapped we put pedal to the metal full speed in 2013 and we start doing upmarket housing and had a contract with local government for Low cost home as well. We when from small renovation company to one off South Africa's Housing giants.

Jan 2014 Dac Trading History
The Change up

In this Time Dac Trading had a very bad year due to Government projects falling through the mat. We had no mall renovation comming in and the market seemed Dead...

Dc Pro merged with another company FFC Property Developments and The Company Changed Names and add more divisions to it as we now had a big market to fill.


We went from Dc Pro _______ To DAC Group 

With more then 4 sub divisions in engineering and construction we change but the values stayed the same.

April 2014 Dac Trading History
The Big one

In 2014 Dac Group when back into industrial and commercial work as that was our back bone where we came from. And we started building Warehouse and also doing our own development with other partner . We also did new home in also every estate in Gauteng and even some in Cape Town and Durban . 

We had seal a big deal to build mini  factory for a new investor on Klerksdorp and business was back up again .

To the end off the year the other partner in Dac Group had a hart problem and need to step away from the stress and all the problem that come with the job. and step down willing .

Jan 2015 Dac Trading History
The Sponsorship

Dac was doing very good at this stage and wee as a company need more eyes on use as we want to make a bigger mark and have a better platform to grow on.

We decide to sponsor the Lions !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We where sponsoring them for 3 years.

And we where are to glad to have our board up and our company getting more and more interest for new work. 

At this stag we have also secure 10 new home and 2 development we have kick off and finished in 2017 .

Dac Group name then Change to Dac Trading and all our division melted together once again .

And we where ready for the next year!!

Jan 2018 Dac Trading History
The build up

At this stage we are doing great and the company is gown very good so far . We had contract that would last for 2 years and more. New home we build every year when up fast and our clients where happy with our work price and time frame .

Dec 2019-2020 Dac Trading History
Covid 19 Pandemic

We had sign 3 new development to our company name and about 6 new home for 2020 and then bang!! Lockdown !!! We complete 2 off the home in 2020 with in the regulations from the South African Government. and then nothing the market had made us reevaluate they way we work ( Work from home ) But in construction and engineering you cant do that at all. 

We had a very ruff year for 2020 

Jan 2021 Dac Trading History
The new Biggining after Covid 19

We are in the mist of 2021 and we have a few big project coming up with our new backer and some very modern house we need to kick of by August .

We have change and streamline our work even more to speed up the prosses and keep to our regulations and stay safe .. 


2021 Big thing are coming !!!!!

The Team

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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