Building the future  Restoring the past  Building the future  Restoring the past 

New Homes

We at Dac Trading offer our clients the full turnkey pages for all our new homes, with over 29 years experience in construction we are the perfect team to choose for your new home

Commercial Buildings

With our engineering background, commercial building is easy as we have done numerous small office blocks and building

Industrial Buildings

We started out only doing large warehouse in 2009, but with our technical engineering team behind us we make the difference in the industries


Dac Trading has done over 12 Developments in the last 10 years, including government projects, and those we are the number one choice for all development projects from big to small

Renovation /Alterations

With having a construction background we have learnt that a good renovation can increase your home or building price dramatically


Our own inhouse engineering team will speed up the construction processes as well as the quotation/ estimating

What sets us Apart from the other company's

At Dac Trading we have designed our own program that calculates our construction costing in less time and with an in house QS working with us,that makes the process a dream . That means speeeding quotation up from 3 -5 days turn around time.

As you know an Engineer is always needed on a new building and with our inhouse engineer present,  we cut out more standing time and speed up the construction process . With this we can guarantee faster construction as our engineer is always available to do site inspection .

As stated in our above Qs we have a very good turn around time for a quotation . And we stick to our price. If your building plans are done correctly with all details, we could have your quotation to you in less then 5 working days .

We at Dac Trading do not like (The hidden cost ). Our quotation are free … And we quote as per your drawing and or our discretion . If the plans are not 100% we will use our years of experience to make sure the pricing is in you ball park range.

We have had other client tell us but how much for a consultation . Well nothing for us to do a quotation on a new building is free . 

At Dac Trading we also do our own site surveys, again this is what helps us speed up the construction process.

Something not every one receives is some very nice drone images of your complete area and we see this as a must for every one of the projects 

We only use SABS Approved products in all our construction projects.

Value engineering is a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost. Value engineering promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality. … Value engineering is also called value analysis.

Successfully Completed Projects

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